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Proper operating outdrive oil temperature is crucial for long life. Unfortunately, most stock and high-performance boats today do not offer the ability to monitor outdrive oil temperature, but those in the know can read the signs visually by discoloration and deposits left on the top of the outdrive. An outdrive cooling shower is the perfect cost effective way to add years of service life to your boats outdrive.

This system distributes a continuous supply of cool water onto the upper portion of the outdrive. Tests have shown that extra cooling like this can double bearing life and the service life of the drive oil by lowering an operating temperature of 220° (more than enough to boil water) as much as 30%. It also prevents oil foaming, the primary cause of oil breakdown, which can lead to drive failures. This condition is found broadly across all applications of sterndrives where demands on the drive are consistent and or pushed to deliver maximum performance. As the oil temperature reaches near boiling the oil wants to move away from the main upper support bearing in an effort to escape the excess heat. This is where the oil is needed most.

If there is a continuous need to remove a white chalky deposit from the top half of the drive casing, or steam is generated in the transom area each time the boat comes off plane, it's probably running too hot. The outdrive's cast aluminum construction does not respond favorably to the expansion and rapid contraction caused when a 220° drive is plunged into cool water. Under normal operating temperatures, manufacturers recommend that the oil in their drives be changed every 50 hours. For some of us, 50 hours can be a few weeks' worth of use. Temperature is the key to breaking down the lubrication quality of the outdrive's oil. If you value and care for your boat then demand an outdrive cooling shower every boat needs one.

Stainless Steel "Sport Tech" Outdrive Cooling Shower
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Sport Tech Outdrive Cooling Shower

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Stainless Steel "Sport Tech" Outdrive Cooling Shower

The advent of sleek modern boat styling has brought the need for a smooth,fitted,exotic styled drive shower. Something that blended seamlessly with today's modern boat styling. But looks were only half of the battle performance is the real reason you purchase a drive shower and through extensive testing we have developed the finest drive shower produced today. First our engineers computer modeled the exact dimensions and size of the bravo out drive. Next we spent hundreds of hours studying the water flow characteristics as they entered the drive shower cap to develop a series of water diverters and dams to allow equal water distribution to virtually flood the top of the bravo outdrives factory bearing cap. By retaining the proper tolerance between the shower and the outdrive cap we are able to literally wash the heat away from the out drive providing maximum heat reduction. This unit is coupled with our exclusive 80 degree high volume pick up and -10 stainless steel braided hose and best of all it's virtually a stunning part in the end. So if you are looking for a shower that’s actually truly engineered to perform there’s only one the Sport Tech shower.

NOTE: For Integrated Transom Assembly (ITS) applications, please call us to get the correct hose assembly. Also note, when installing on ANY Integrated Transom Assembly (ITS) Caution must be used to make sure the trim limit switches are adjusted to the point to eliminate any potential interference between the drive shower cap and the ITS cover

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Replacement Low Profile Drive Shower Hose
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Replacement Low Profile Drive Shower Hose


Replacement low profile drive shower hose for all Hardin Sport Tech drive showers.

Does not fit Bravo 3 applications.

Replacement Low Profile Drive Shower Hose - Bravo 3 applications only
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Replacement Low Profile Drive Shower Hose - Bravo 3 applications only


Replacement low profile drive shower hose for all Hardin Sport Tech drive showers.

Bravo 3 applications only.

Replacement Hose E-Clip for Sport Tech Drive Shower
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Replacement Hose E-Clip for Sport Tech Drive Shower


This is a replacement clip for the attaching the hose to the cap on Hardin Marine Sport-Tech Drive Showers.

Crossfire Dual Port Drive Shower Fits Alpha One, Alpha One Gen II, Bravo One, Bravo Two, and Bravo Three Drives
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Crossfire Dual Port Drive Shower


These showers distribute a continuous supply of water onto the upper section of the Bravo stern drive. Tests have continuously shown that the added cooling from the drive shower can double the service life and nearly double the bearing life of the out drive.

  • Fits Alpha One, Alpha One Gen Two, Bravo One, Two and Three.
  • Comes with full color illustrated installation instructions.
  • Pick-up ports are adjustable up to 1-1/2 inches.
  • With Mayfair Performance Shower/Cooler design you get more water flow and lower drive oil temperature.
  • 3 times the water flow than other very popular shower cap designs.
  • Has a 15-35 degree lower drive oil temp. Guaranteed or full refund.
  • Available in Satin only.

Plate Style Drive Shower for use with Latham or Zeiger Style Hydraulic Steering Systems
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Latham Plate Style Drive Shower


  • Designed to thread into the 1/2”npt female hole in the top mounting plate.
  • Uses a high flow water pick up port found exclusively on Hardin Marine drive showers.
  • For Latham and Zieger steering systems.
  • Each hose comes pre-assembled.
  • From cav plate mount to center of 90 degree fitting is 28"

Stainless Steel Competition Style Flexible Drive Cooling Shower For TRS Applications
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Flexible Drive Cooling Shower For TRS Applications


  • Constructed of 316L Stainless Steel.
  • Lightweight and attractive design.
  • Designed to mount to a Mercruiser TRS series outdrive.
  • Includes mounting hardware.
  • Each unit shares a stainless steel braided inlet tube with our popular 80-degree water inlet pick-up.