About Hardin Marine

Hardin Marine has been at the forefront of marine product innovation for over 30 years, and in that time we've developed the most complete product line in the industry.  Hardin products are used throughout the marine industry extensively by boat manufacturers, riggers, and service shops the world over.

Hardin Products - When you buy a Hardin product, you can be sure it will perform to your expectations. Our products are subjected to a rigorous set of tests before we offer them to the consumer.  Hardin Marine products are delivered in high visibility, point-of-purchase packaging with computerized bar coding for easy inventory control and consumer friendliness.

Research & Development - Our R&D and installation departments are always busy developing new products.  Our fully equipped shop allows our talented group of engineers to construct new products quickly.  Our design engineers spend many hours designing products on our powerful Solid Works CAD computer system.

Innovation - Known as the leader in innovation in the marine products industry, Hardin Marine is dedicated to be the first to bring new and exciting products to the market. Hardin Marines global expertise allows us to search the globe for new ideas and concepts. Not only do we search the globe for new products, Hardin Marine invests a massive amount of resources into our own research and development efforts. With the assistance of advance 3D modeling technology, our engineers and designers can develop accurate and precise data in seconds. The 3D data allows Hardin marine to verify designs, perform quality assurance tests, and engineer with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Our rapid prototyping facility permits us to have a concept-to-shelf time at speeds previously thought near impossible.. In addition, Hardin Marine 3D printing capabilities permit our designers to have physical models of their design concepts in hours. The physical models allow our designers and marketing staff to evaluate and test the viability of different design ideas. Our rapid prototyping facility allows Hardin Marine to compress design cycles, improve manufacturing planning, shorten concept-to-shelf time, most importantly, generate new and innovative products.

Customer Service - Hardin Marine is a company of marine enthusiasts for marine enthusiasts.  We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation for fast, efficient customer service.  Our computerized inventory system and outstanding fill rates are unmatched in the industry.

Technical Support - Our friendly, knowledgeable technical support specialists are here to answer your product questions and provide you with the answers you need right away. We realize our products are only as good as the support that our customers receive, that's why we're dedicated to solving your problem or answering your question accurately and promptly.

How to Buy Our Products - Hardin Marine products are sold through a nationwide network of warehouse distributors, mail order retailers, and performance marine dealers.  We also sell direct to the consumer if a distributor is not in your area. If you have a marine business and would like to become a Hardin Marine distributor, call our sales department today at 877-900-7278.

Dealer Assistance - At Hardin Marine we have a dedicated distributor support staff to assist our distributor and jobber customers with point-of-purchase and collateral materials, cataloging, plan-o-grams, dealer and trade show support, co-op advertising allowances, and toll free sales AND technical support. Our commitment to our distributors is unmatched in the industry with true distributor and jobber programs tailored to all levels of volume.  And, in further keeping with this commitment we have east and west coast distribution centers to get you the products your customers need fast.