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8.2MAG and 8.2HO Mercruiser NON-Catalyst Exhaust Header System
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8.2MAG and 8.2HO Mercruiser NON-Catalyst Exhaust Header System

650-8200 + Option(s)

This new Custom Marine header system was designed as a replacement to the 8.2HO and 8.2MAG ECT catalyst Mercruiser engines with the 2” tall riser on the cast manifold (Which is the most common Mercruiser uses). These risers are easily identifiable by the serial #M82018002 stamped into the riser flange.

The header system is slightly taller than the restrictive factory system due to the improved collector design and down slope. This new header system features a pre-catalyst sensor port provision and NO post cat sensor provision as this header is designed for use with the Cat-Eliminator test system. The headers will connect directly to the factory wet exhaust exhaust hose connection. The header system is available in Satin or Production polished versions. These headers stand 3-1/4" taller than the top of the engine

Note: These headers are not legal for any purpose other than testing purposes and not for use on any state or federal waterway. A PHOTO of your setup must be sent in order to make certain that the correct headers and brackets are built and shipped as there as several versions of this engine package.