Hardin Marine's Stainless Steel Fabrication Specialties

With over four decades of Stainless Steel product manufacturing and fabrication Hardin leads the way in technical design as well as quality of materials. We've developed tailpipe designs used by many of the worlds fastest pleasure boats . When equalized cooling and water distribution are key, Hardin is the #1 choice.

Starting with elite materials, such as the finest 316L cold rolled stainless steel, we sculpt and create exhaust tailpipes designs that solve the most difficult of fitment challenges. Our years of tailpipe fabrication have been key to the development of numerous anti-reversion technologies. From single engine to multi engine there isn't an application we haven't tackled without success. If you're looking for the best in exhaust development and manufacturing Hardin Marine is the only choice.

How to Mock-Up Custom Tailpipes

When ordering custom tailpipes, the easiest the way to get the correct pipes without mistakes is to build PVC mockups. It's easy to put together a series of PVC pipes and connectors, then mark the connections with a sharpie pen. Once done we'll have you ship the PVC components to the factory to be reassembled, then have the SS pipes built to the same specs. Below are some examples of custom pipes we have built off of PVC mockups.

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Custom Low Port Seaward Tailpipes