Stainless Steel Gen 7 Plus Sea Pump for Mercury 350 Mag, 496 Mag / HO, 8.2L Mag and 502 Mag - With Pulley

Stainless Steel Gen 7 PLUS Sea Pump for Mercury 350 Mag, 496 MAG /HO, 8.2L Mag and 502 Mag - With Pulley

oem to hardin comparison

The NEW and IMPROVED Gen 7 Plus Sea Pump now includes dual seals and dual bearings. The bearing are also 40% larger than OEM bearings leading to even longer pump life!

  • 100-percent factory leak tested to ensure OEM dependability
  • Premium SPEC-approved quality components
  • Premium SPEC-quality seals: utilizing OE face materials provides exceptional heat transfer and low friction
  • Endurance-quality bearings: severe-duty, precision-ground and lubricated Heat-treated bearing shafts to match rollers
  • High-quality, protective packaging

For a number of years now the factory sea pumps have been plagued with a design flaw that made each factory pump a throw away non serviceable item. While the impeller could be serviced it is the factory body that wears out prematurely. Without the proper tolerances these units just won’t pump water. Well, Hardin Marine, the largest manufacturer of all Stainless Steel Sea Pumps set out to again solve the short comings of OEM equipment. By developing a stainless steel 316 heat treated casting Hardin Marine was able to incorporate new dual stainless steel serviceable wear plates as well as the use of a standard common Mercury water impeller. These characteristics have now turned this pump into a serviceable replacement that will provide years of serviceable life span. And all at a fraction of the cost of the original pump. So if you’re out to update and upgrade to a pump that's designed to last a life time, look no further as it has arrived.

Note: This Part includes a pulley already assembled to the pump. The pulley included in the 625-4131 kit is 5-3/4" in outside diameter and WILL NOT replace pulleys from Axius models as the diameter is not the same. This pulley will also not replace the 7" larger diameter pulley #8M2013638. For 7" diameter Axius applications, purchase 625-4130. All product photos show 5-3/4" pulley unless labeled otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does this pump come complete or do I need to buy any other parts?
A: This pump comes complete, with pulley and it will re-use your factory rear pump inlet.

2. What if my rear pump housing is worn badly?
A: This surface no longer mates to the the new impeller, so it does not matter, the rear housing is now only a water inlet and exit for your new pump.

3. Does this pump feature wear plates on both sides of the impeller?
A: Yes it does, this is a unique feature of this pump, this will allow you to service this pump for years to come without any housing damage.

4. Is any modification required to my factory mounting bracket?
A: No modification is required, this pump was engineered to accept the stock mounting bracket.

5. What impeller does this pump use?
A: This pump features an upgraded larger shaft and bearing assembly and is designed to use the standard Mercruiser sea pump impeller that has been around for 30 years and is readily available across the country. The pump includes an impeller.

6. What OEM sea pumps does this fit and what OEM #'s does it replace?
A:Fits Mercruiser Gen 7 Sea Water Pumps (2000-Present)305/350/377/496 C.I.D 5.0L/5.7L/6.2L/8.1LTBI/MPI/EFI/MAG/Horizon/Scorpio

Replaces Mercury Part Numbers: 468M0122655, 46-8M0118067, 46-862914T08, 46-862914T08P, 46-862914T12, 46-862914A13, 46-862914A13, 46-862914T10, 46-862914T11, 46-862914A13, 46-8M0139996, 46-8M0137217, 0M615000 THRU 0W300012, 0W300013 THRU 0W309999, 0W310000 THRU 0W649999, 0W650000 THRU 1A063239, 1A063240 & Up

7. I'm having possible suction issues with my Mercrusier Gen 7 Pump, what can I do?
A: Check out this link for a troubleshooting guide.

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Standard 5-3/4" Pulley 625-4131
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You Save: 4% off MSRP!
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Axius 7" Pulley 625-4130
MSRP: $600.00
Your Price: $579.99
You Save: 3% off MSRP!
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1. on 9/22/2019, said:
3 stars out of 5
The pump works well but I only got three Michigan seasons (which are short) out of the bearings before they completely fell apart. Higher quality bearings would be a great addition. I don't mind changing wear plates and impellers often but pulling this apart to change bearings and seals every few seasons is not cool. I have two of these and the second one is one season newer so I guess we'll see if I got a bad batch or if these bearings really are just poor quality.
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