Discount Dock - Dollar Deals

NOTICE: All parts on the Discount Dock may contain blemishes, scratches or other imperfections. Many of the these parts have been on the shelf for many years. All parts on the discount dock are sold as-is. Please call for more information on any of these parts.
Brass Fitting Grab Bag
On Sale:

Brass Fitting Grab Bag


You never know when you'll need a random fitting! We're overstocked on slightly used and new old stock brass fittings, so we're selling them by the bag. Please read the description carefully:

Each bag contains:
  • About 1.5 lbs of RANDOM brass fittings.
  • NO special selection available, you get what you get.
  • Some fittings may be used.
  • Could be hose barbs, unions, straights, 90's, reducers, valves or more.
  • Fitting sizes vary, could be 1/2" hose or 1" NPT or others.
  • Photo shows example of typical bag, all bags will be different.
  • NO returns on fitting grab bags.

Steel 33C Cable Clamp & Shim
On Sale:

Steel 33C Cable Clamp


Steel 33C Cable Clamp - (Top Only)

Designed to hold a 33C throttle cable. NOT stainless. Has yellowish coating.