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T4 Kicker Motor Auto Pilot Drive, Freshwater
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T4 Kicker Motor Auto Pilot Drive, Freshwater


Hands-free course heading management for the 'kicker' motor. The patented T4 Auto Pilot Drive Unit was specifically designed for sport fishermen trolling at speeds under 5 knots/hour. The factory installed rudder reference interfaces with existing auto pilots like Furuno, Raymarine and Simrad, and allows you to stay on your plotted course while trolling at speeds as low as 1.1 mph. Trolling with an auxiliary outboard offers the angler tremendous fuel savings over much larger sterndrives or inboards. Easily installed, with no holes to drill, no messy hydraulic lines or pumps, it is simply inserted in the motor's threaded tilt tube. For the ultimate trolling experience, combine it with our TrollMaster™ electronic throttle control for speed adjustment to 1/10 mph, which allows you to run at exactly the ideal speed to catch the big ones. Use with Garmin, Raymarine, Simrad, and Furuno autopilots. *NOTE: CANNOT be used if you have a main engine to kicker steering tie bar. The main engine tie bar must be disconnected.

Description: T4 Autopilot Drive, Freshwater