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Moeller 25 Gallon Diesel Dock - Yellow

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Moeller 25 Gallon Diesel Dock

462-114-52002 + Option(s)

  • Rugged blow mold design
  • Shut off valve located at the bottom of the tank
  • Manually vented cap w/easy grip ribs
  • Certified DOT and UN as "Special Container"
  • Built-in handle for easy maneuverability
  • 8' Fuel hose
Type: Diesel, Gals.: 25 Gallon, Color: Yellow or Red

Scepter EPA/CARB Gas Jerry Can, Red

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Scepter EPA/CARB Gas Jerry Can, Red



  • ECO friendly. Provide 100% compliance with California's Air Resource Board (CARB) emission and spill control regulations
  • Manufactured using patented technology that provides permeation levels well below the CARB threshold
  • Features Child resistant closures (CRC) and a patented automatic shut-off spout that stops overflows, closes automatically and self-seals to guard against unwanted vapor emissions when not in use


Type: Gasoline, Gals.: 1 (4L), 2 (8L), or 5 (18.9L) Color: Red