Power Trim & Tilt - Force

Power Trim Motor & Reservoir Force F694541-1
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Power Trim Motor & Reservoir Force F694541-1


Power Trim Motor & Reservoir
Replaces: Force F694541-1, F694541-1, F694541-2,820545
Fits: 85-150hp 1986-91, 2-wire motor, o-ring included.

The trim device for the outdrive will control how the boat moves through the water by controlling the tilt of the outdrive and thus will either move the bow of the boat down or up correspondingly.
  For example: if you move the trim switch on a power trim unit to "In" position, the outdrive will move toward the transom and will cause the bow to move down simultaneously, placing more of the boat in the water. The opposite will occur if the boat's outdrive is trimmed to the "out" position. Generally, the trim switch will only allow a 15 degree movement out from the transom when the boat is underway or over a given RPM so that the prop is always submerged along with the water intake ports
The principle function of this device is to allow the driver to control and adjust the planing of the vessel, fore and aft, according to weight aboard and prevailing sea conditions.