DriveGuardian, Bravo 

Replaces Stock Coupler

DriveGuardian is a patented device that reduces the leading cause of pitted/broken gears and twisted shafts in Bravo sterndrives. DriveGuardian replaces the factory Bravo rubber coupler with a multi-plate torque-limiting clutch that is calibrated to your specific application. The cause of many gear and shaft failures is the enormous torque spike that is generated each time the propeller either partially or fully leaves the water, and then is re-submerged. These spikes are generated by the inertia of the rotating engine components and can be 2X-4X the actual torque output of the engine. Each spike lasts only a fraction of a second and throttling alone cannot eliminate them. Every spike causes stress to the gears and shafts which greatly reduces their usable life.

DriveGuardian has been proven on the racecourse with numerous National and World Championships in offshore powerboat racing.

Prior to shipment, each DriveGuardian is mounted to a specially built dyno and load tested to ensure they meet strict manufacturing standards. Your DriveGuardian is then calibrated for your specific engine and drive combination.

DriveGuardian is manufactured with billet aluminum housings and Kevlar clutch plates. DriveGuardian replaces the stock rubber coupler and installation is a direct bolt-on with no additional modifications required. Includes a 1-year Manufacturer Warranty.

Make sure to fill out this calibration questionnaire when ordering.

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