15.5" High Performance Model MH150S Trim Tab Kit

15.5" High Performance Model MH150S Trim Tab Kit

  • Made from high strength 535 Aluminum Magnesium alloy.
  • All 316 Stainless Steel hardware.
  • 1-1/2" Piston bore.
  • Two way hydraulics for improved performance.
  • Zinc Anodes to prevent corrosion.
  • Includes trim pumps and bulkhead brackets.
  • Include Trim Hoses.
  • Includes Trim Switch Panel.
  • For 20-30 Ft. Boat Lengths
  • Includes installation hardware for a 33c cable, for mechanical trim indicator systems.
  • Black Standard Color
  • Custom Colors Available may take up to 2 weeks (Call for options)

Mayfair Hydraulics 15.5" High Performance After-Plane Trim Tab Kit

Mayfair Hydraulic's After-Planes are the very best, yet reasonably priced hydraulic trim tabs on the marine market today. Here are some of the features, unlike other planing devices. Mayfair Hydraulics After-Planes are manufactured from premium quality high strength aluminum alloy castings with deep-ribbed cross sections for additional strength and stress distribution. All of the external hardware is 316 series stainless steel or powder coated for increased corrosion resistance. Although transom stainless steel connections are an integral part of the Mayfair Hydraulics After-Planes, eliminating costly and bulky brackets and fittings. This results in a simpler, faster, and cleaner installation.

Each Mayfair Hydraulics After-Plane can be independently operated by dash-mounted controls. Because of the unique hydraulic system, there is no"droop" due to hydraulic leakage. The After-Planes will remain locked until the controls are again actuated. Mayfair Hydraulics After-Planes offer substantial advantages in performance, fuel economy, stability and handling. All Mayfair Hydraulics After-Planes are supplied with two hydraulic pumps with heavy-duty mounting brackets, all trim hoses and all necessary hardware for installation.

Specifications On This Product:


Length: 15.5"
Width at Base: 14"
Width at Tip: 4"
Height: 10"

Installation Instructions
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Tab Color Options

Black tabs are standard and normally have no additional processing times. All other colors are custom and have a two week processing time.
Trim Rocker Switch Panel Color
Rocker Switch Color
Base Price: $2,799.99 Customized Price: $2,799.99 Part Number: 137-8105BK
  • Black
  • Black
  • White Switches
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