5MM Xtreme LED Panel Lights

5MM Xtreme LED Panel Lights 

The Xtreme Flush Mount LED’s, 5mm (9/32”) Diameter Lens. They are made of Electro-polished Stainless Steel for maximum corrosion resistance and easily mount in the dash panel through a 13/32” diameter hole and will conveniently wire up to your switch to indicate when the switch is on. They are available in Red and Blue and are wired for a 12V. system. The clean, Flush Mount LED’s mount in a Counter Sunk Hole and lay flush with the top of the Dash Panel.

These LED's are for 12 Volt systems ONLY.

5mm Flush Mount LED's Mounting & Wiring instructions:

Hole Diameter: Drill a (.25 Dia.) 1/4" Thru Hole. Use a 90 degree counter sink to (3/8" Dia.) Insert the LED thru the drilled hole and push the O-Ring onto the LED body. Then push the retaining ring onto the LED forcing it to compress the O-Ring. These lights can be used on panels that have a maximum panel thickness of .25"

Wiring: Connect the red wire to +12 volts/connect the Black wire to the (-) Ground.
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