Weldon 55-80 GPH Inline Fuel Pump

Weldon 55-80 GPH Inline Fuel PumpĀ 

Weldon 55-80 GPH Inline Fuel Pump

  • 55-80 GPH/0-95 PSI
  • -10 inlet and outlet
  • Leak free O-Ring ports
Weldon has upgraded the 600-A flow-through continuous-duty fuel pump with -10 inlet and outlet ports and fitted it with revised end caps. Its bigger ports allow the pump to draw more fuel, to deliver more fuel, and to do this at reduced amperage draw. The new 600-A is distinguished by its black colored end-caps. Designed for up to 600 to 700 horsepower (fuel injected) or 800 horsepower (carbureted). At 42 PSI (most common EFI setting) the 600-A delivers more than 72 GPH with fewer than a 5 amp draw.


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