Whipple 5.0 Liter Carbureted Mammoth Screw Style Supercharger 

5.0 Liter Carbureted "Mammoth" Screw Style Supercharger

  • Standard Deck with Standard -2 Intercooler
  • Polished
  • IC-2 Core
  • 16-Rib
Art Whipple long recognized as the pioneer in screw style supercharger systemhas once again rewritten the book on the future of marine supercharging. The all“NEW” 5 liter has been designed as the successor to the quad rotor system. Bydelivering giant airflow numbers in a single case design. This unit is availablein a carbureted or EFI version. Sold in a ala carte version as a superchargeronly for perfect retro-fit of old technology roots blowers. This unit willaccept all traditional roots drive system and incorporates a standard 8 boltroots style mounting flange. This unit can be with the the leading MOAC Whippleinter cooler system.

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