Whipple BBC Standard Deck EFI, Intercooler Kit, 16 Rib (2) 200ci, V-Belt 

Quad Rotor Whipple Supercharger System
Big Block Chevy Standard Deck EFI, Standard Intercooler Kit, 16 Rib (2) 200ci, V-Belt, Polished Finish

Whipple Superchargers are more efficient than other superchargers such as the common roots supercharges. Roots-type superchargers rob enormous amounts of power and life from your engine because of high temperatures and large power consumption. Turbos and centrifugals have tremendous lag time, while Whipple Chargers generate boost instantly. No other supercharger system can generate the amount of torque than the screw-type supercharger. The Quad Rotor system has a low profile axial (air inlet is in rear of supercharger) for EFI applications. For increased power and reliability, Whipple offers two Cupronickel (far superior to aluminum coolers in corrosion resistance and cooling) intercoolers, a standard version and a extra large MOAC version. Whipple also provides (2) billet 2100 CFM throttle bodies with injector housing. The Quad Rotor system can now be found as standard equipment on OEM engine packages of 850 and 1075 horsepower as well as from most premier offshore powerboat engine builders. 15" tall from block to top of superchargers.

Note:  These systems DO NOT come with the fuel system, throttle linkage, or EFI control computer or processor.

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