ProCharger Marine M-1 Intercooled Kit

ProCharger Marine M-1 Intercooled Kit

M-1 Intercooled (12 rib) 45-65% 5-9 PSI AW-324

Mercruiser 454/502 Magnum (carbureted)
Mercruiser HP500 and older HP Motors (carbureted)

454 and 502 Magnum engines are excellent candidates for supercharging. This is due not only to a moderate compression ratio, but also very rugged components: forged pistons, a steel crank, and a four bolt main. With an Intercooled Procharger system, there is no need for internal engine modifications prior to supercharging, and power gains of 45-65% are typical with stock motors running pump gas. Aftermarket parts are also plentiful, and for modified applications, power gains can safely exceed 100% with operation on pump gas*. ATI has safely produced over 1,200HP on modified Magnum and similar motors.

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2014 Supercharger Specs MARINE
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Optional Upgrades
Procharger Base Polishing (524-M1P) [Add $275.00]
Procharger Base Black Finish (524-M1B) [Add $275.00]
Brackets & Tensioner Polishing (524-PB) [Add $200.00]
Brackets & Tensioner Black Finish (524-BB) [Add $200.00]
Intercooler Polishing (524-1MA080-3) [Add $250.00]
Carb Polishing (525-1MA080-005CARB) [Add $375.00]
Self Contained (524-SC) [Add $299.99]
Base Price: $5,799.99 Customized Price: $5,799.99 Part Number: 524-1MA222-NN
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