Competition Marine™ Seal Cylinder Head Gasket - BBC Gen 4, 4.625 Bore

Competition Marine Seal Cylinder Head Gasket - BBC Gen 4, 4.625 Bore 

Competition Marine™ Seal Cylinder Head Gasket - Big Block Chevy Gen 4, 4.625 Bore- Sold Each

Multi-layer gasket technology has long been a hidden SECRET of the professional ranking Indy and NASCAR racing engine builders. This technology offers advantages not available from any other forms of gasket design. The increased demand for more power has caused increased combustion temperatures, movement between heads and engine blocks under extreme cylinder pressure. By using "multi-layer" technology individual sealing sheets withstand engine loads that until now were never capable of containing. If the very best possible gasket is what your looking for settle for nothing less than "multi-layer" technology.

  • More resistant to thermal expansion
  • The best combustion seal anywhere
  • Strategically embossed sealing paths
  • Primary stainless steel sealing sheet

With over 40 years of marine engine manufacturing experience under our belts, building high performance and original equipment engines has provided us the insight needed to develop what today is considered to be the marine industries finest gaskets available today. Dependability and durability in both fresh water and harsh salt water environments. Marine engines operate inconditions far more severe than their automotive counterparts from cool water rushing in against scalding hot cylinder walls to exhaust temperatures exceeding 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Rest assured each Hardin Marine seal and Xtreme Marine Seal gasket was designed for its specific purpose. While marine seal gaskets are the perfect choice for an OEM application the Xtreme Seal gaskets are strong enough to be chosen by the world's leading offshore engine manufacturers.


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