Inside Hydraulic Steering Kit -Single Bravo, Single RamĀ 

Mayfair Deluxe Inside Hydraulic Steering Kit -Single Bravo, Single Ram

This kit includes:

The Mayfair by Hardin Marine full power steering system is supplied with all the highest quality components that are available today. This system will allow you to go from a Mercury add-on system to a full hydraulic power steering system. This will eliminate any back feed to the steering wheel that comes from a cable assisted steering system. Mayfair by Hardin Marine is now offering these full power steering systems for the new Mercury XR ITS system, and the #6 SSM Speedmaster, and Bravo. Included in the kit is a hydraulic helm, 4" extreme billet steering column, remote reservoir, high pressure oil filter assembly, four special o-ring helm fittings, the new billet power steering pump cap, -6 high pressure hydraulic hose, hose ends, and complete instructions.

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