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XS Xtreme Satin Finish Single Plane BBC Rectangular Port Intake Manifold
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XS Xtreme Satin Finish Single Plane BBC Rectangular Port Intake Manifold


"XS" Xtreme Satin Finish Single Plane Big Block Chevy Rectangular Port Intake Manifold

This design is very efficient and produces excellent power in the RPM rangemost often used in performance boating. This intake is patterned after themost respected intake in the marine industry the HP500 carbureted intakemanifold. With quite possibly more victories than any single other intakeon the market, you know you're on the winning track. This intake featuresone of the fasted torque curves anywhere and all power boaters know torque iswhat makes the difference. If you're looking for the most for you moneyyou'll demand the Hardin "XS" Xtreme Intake.

At last you can buy an intake manifold specifically designed to meet theunique needs a performance boat demands from a company that knows whatperformance is. Hardin Marine has been building manifolds for over 40years. At last you the performance boater can take advantage of the stateof the art technology in each of these new manifolds. Here are just a fewof the state of the art features that keep Hardin Marine Intakes leading therace.

DualDistributor Hold Downs
Sometimes the standard single distributor hold down is not enough. so wehave provided dual distributor hold downs on all Hardin Marine intake manifolds.

FourCorner Water Ports
All Hardin Marine performance manifolds feature two extra water ports at therear of the manifold, a feature normally only found in manifolds costinghundreds more. Some enthusiasts have found that plumbing a line betweenthese two rear ports can reduce engine overheating. Many racers also findthese ports to be an advantageous special feature for plumbing specialadditional water lines.

Other Special Features

  • All ports are very accurately positioned due to advanced casting techniques.
  • All polished manifolds are meticulously hand polished to a show level finish.
  • Just before packing, every tapped hole in each manifold is chased with a tap to clear out polishing residue and to assure the threads are not damaged.
RPM Range: 3000 to 7500
This Manifold Fits: a 4150 style carburetor.