Carb Fuel Oil Gasket - Mercury

Carb Base Gasket Mercury 27-15172-4
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Carb Base Gasket Mercury 27-15172-4


Carb Base Gasket
Replaces: Mercury 27-15172-4
Fits: 70-125hp

Mallory Marine offers better late model coverage for outboards than most other aftermarket companies including coverage for import engines such as Yamaha, Nissan / Tohatsu and Suzuki in addition to the most common domestic models. Every gasket sealing application is unique in its own way that's why our gaskets are manufactured from the latest in high tech materials to achieve the best performance for each specific application.

    Outboard Gasket Features
  • Head gaskets with Stainless Steel fire rings
  • Silicone beading in critical hard to seal areas
  • Advanced micro-pore technology materials in many applications for ultimate performance

Intake Manifold - Carburetor Flange
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Intake Manifold - 4150 Carburetor Flange


4150 Carburetor Flange, Standard Deck Oval Port Std Water Jacket

  • Carburetor Type: 4150
  • Deck Height: 10.2
  • Intake Port Shape: Oval
  • Cylinder Heads: Dart Cylinder Heads

Your ultimate choice for single carburetor application used on the very popular HP 500 from Mercury. Dart intake manifolds incorporate sophisticated wet-flow technology developed successfully. They don't make "universal" manifolds. Every Dart intake is engineered for a specific cylinder head, block and carburetor combination. This means that they've optimized the port shape, the plenum volumes, and the runner angle for each application. In numerous dyno tests we've yet to witness any manifold with as flat a torque curve as these.

Marine Intake Manifold for 396-502 Chevrolet with large oval-port (1975 and earlier)
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Oval Port Marine Intake Manifold for 396-502 Chevrolet


Marine Intake Manifold for 396-502 Chevrolet with large oval-port (1975 and earlier)

  • RPM Range: 1500-6500
  • Engine Make/Size: Chevy Big Block (396-502)
  • Number Of Carbs: One
  • Emission: Without EGR
  • Cylinder Head Type: Oval Port- Standard

Edelbrock Marine Intake Manifolds offer the same legendary performance you trust in a product designed specifically for the demanding conditions found in marine application use. The new marine intake manifold features a brass lined front water crossover and two brass flange inserts to cover the rear water openings in the cylinder heads that protect the aluminum from salt water corrosion

    Installation Notes:
  • Port exit dimensions: 1.61" x 1.93"
  • Manifold height: (A) 4.45" , (B) 6.00"
  • Accepts square-bore and spread-bore carbs.
  • Requires electric choke carb, Has no provisions for exhaust heated chokes.
    Carburetor Recommendations:
  • Edelbrock 600cfm Marine Carburetor: 880-1409
  • Edelbrock 750cfm Marine Carburetor: 880-1410