Xtreme Series Valve Covers, Satin with 1 Hole Machined

Xtreme Series Valve Covers, Satin with 1 Hole Machined 

Xtreme Series Valve Covers, Satin with 1 Holes Machined, with a Oil Plug (pair)

A number of companies have tried to copy this HardinMarine cover by building sand cast copies. There's a difference if youlook at their wavy, pin holed, porous covers you'll see that theHardin Marine "XS" Xtreme cover is a beautiful die cast cover withno waves and no blemishes. So if you're looking for the best1-piece cover this is it. This cover has been specially designed to fitmarine Big Block Chevy engine with center rise exhaust. Angling one side ofthe cover helps to access the 2 lower center bolts whilemaintaining enough valve cover height to run roller rockers and studgirdles. One of the covers has a billet screw in -16 AN oil fill.

These valve covers come in a raw satin finish, ready for powder coat or painting!

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