EZ-Steer Self-Adjusting Steering Rod With EZ-Steer Detented System Adjustment

EZ-Steer Self-Adjusting Steering Rod w/EZ-Steer Detented System Adjustment 

Patented, self-adjusting Stainless rod attaches your boat's main engine to the auxiliary engine. The rod consists of an inner and outer tube, that slide one inside the other and utilize the patented EZ-Steer Detente System Adjustment. The detente provides precise tension that allows for varying rod lengths as the two engines tilt independently. The user can tilt either engine up or down while maintaining steering control of both engines simultaneously.

  • The self-adjusting rod is pre-set to approximately 18-20 lbs. of pressure and can be adjusted if necessary.
  • Length is center-to-center in down position
  • Length: X-Large 39" and up
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