Bezel Package for Gauge Kits

Bezel or Sender Package for Gauge Offer

This is a gift with purchase gauge bezel or sender gift package. It is only available for special promos. The appropriate number of flat gauge bezels or senders will be added to your order.

Color / Package Option
Red [Add $0.00]
Blue [Add $0.00]
Purple [Add $0.00]
Black [Add $0.00]
White [Add $0.00]
Orange [Add $0.00]
Yellow [Add $0.00]
Teal [Add $0.00]
Lime Green [Add $0.00]
Sender Package [Add $0.00]
Sender package includes pressure and temp senders only.
No Bezels or Senders Needed! [Add $0.00]
Base Price: $49.99 Customized Price: $49.99 Part Number: 620-Bezels-Sender
  • Polished
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