"Hurricane Lite" HP525 / 600 / 700 Swept Header with CMI Flange 

“Hurricane Lite" HP525 / 600 / 700 Swept Header with CMI Flange (Header Only, No Tailpipes)

Hardin Marine is proud to introduce our new Hurricane Lite Headers. Featuring the same quality design and sleek looks of their big tube counterparts, the Hurricane Lite Headers are designed to replace standard HP500, 600, and 700 Headers. The 100% 316L stainless steel headers are completely annealed and stress relieved prior to the show quality polishing to ensure maximum durability. The header and tailpipe share a double wall design and water transfer system that even allows the option of pre-heating the incoming sea water. 2" inner tubes and 2.5" outer tubes. The Hurricane Lite Headers are available with a standard Hardin Marine flange, or a CMI style flange, allowing the use of Hardin Marine or CMI style Tailpipes.

More original features are the V-Tex collector design and aerospace inspired multi-axis leakproof bolted tailpipe flange, no hose type clamps or rope seals are used here. Each header offers a welded water inlet tree as standard equipment, once again you won't find any failed rubber hoses here. These headers share the latest in exhaust technology to achieve maximum horsepower gains on even the highest horsepower engines. By incorporating long staggered length runners that also provide for generous tall valve cover clearance.

MSRP: $7,225.00
Your Price: $6,799.99
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Additonal Info On This Product:
Question: Why were the OEM Mercury Racing headers from the factory prone to failure?
Answer: Many of the failures came from overheating of the header itself as the water jacket was insufficient and small so that in the event of a sea pump impeller failure and over heating, the header didn't carry enough water supply to cool the header itself causing premature failure. Another common problem was inconsistency in material qualities that lead to premature corrosion damage.
Solution: The Hurricane Lite Header is the only current generation header offering not only thicker 14 gauge material on both the inner and outer tubes (OEM and GenX are 14/16 gauge). The outer tubes of the hurricane lite are 2-1/2" as OEM and GenX headers are 2-3/8" The Hurricane Lite header features 40% larger water jackets.
Question: Why do the aftermarket replacement headers not match the design of my original headers?
Answer: Mercury Racing carries an exclusive agreement with the OEM manufacturer that the design was proprietary to them. So the GenX is designed to have a different appearance.
Solution: Due to the fact that Hardin is a Performance exhaust crafting house and we were not the OEM supplier we can use the same attractive OEM styling in the appearance of our headers
Question: Do the aftermarket headers have welded water inlet tubes like my OEM headers and do I need those?
Answer: Well, the Gen X replacement does not, due to their production agreement with Mercury Racing not to duplicate. Do you need them? NO. Do you want them? ABSOLUTELY. The last thing you want is a water pump impeller failure and the glowing red hot exhaust to melt or burn the rubber hose connections off. This is a common scene of engine fires when the exhaust hoses are melted and fall flaming onto your boats carpeted floor or exposed wood bottom.
Solution: Hardin recognizes the significance in safety the welded water inlet trees offer and it is a standard feature in the Hurricane Lite headers.
Question: Is there a cure for leaking or seeping tailpipe to header connections?
Answer: Yes, just as engine manufacturers around the world have moved to o-ring seals instead of gaskets, the header tailpipe system needs to as well.
Solution: The V-Tex High temperature space age tailpipe sealing O-Ring connection from Hardin Marine is the only header manufacturer to incorporate this technology to date. This sealing and reliability is 10X that of a gasket.
Question: Why does the aftermarket replacement header system look like the tailpipe hose connections are kinked or not straight?
Answer: Due to the factory that the aftermarket replacement header systems collector design. They do not allow for the OEM hose to connect correctly and to align it must be modified.
Solution: The Hardin Hurricane Lite header features its own molded hose connection to provide a perfect fit and finish.
Question: It doesn't seem like the replacement headers have the same shine as the headers I see on many boats?
Answer: You may be comparing to custom headers? As the OEM header and Replacement GenX header use a OEM production finish standard. It is not the same standard as a show or custom produced header.
Solution: All Hardin Marine headers are finished to a show quality polished finish.

Hardin Marine Hurricane Lite vs. CMI GEN X




Thick 14 Gauge Inner and Outer Pipes (OEM/CMI are 14/16)   Yes No
OEM Style Fanned Tube   Yes No
40% Larger Water Cooling Jacket due to 2-1/2" Outer Tube   Yes No
Welded Stainless Steel Water Inlet Tubes (NOT RUBBER)   Yes No
High Temp O-Ring Sealed Tail pipe Connection (No gasket)   Yes No
OEM Style Molded Tailpipe Water Hose Connection   Yes No
Show Quality Polished Finish   Yes No

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