306 15W-40 High Performance Engine Oil, Quart 

306 15W-40 High Performance Engine Oil, Quart

Knowledge is power in the world of high performance marine engines. And the knowledge coveted by the World’s leading Nascar Teams is their "Secret Weapon". This knowledge is what has lead more top teams to greater untapped horsepower and longevity with the use of Swepco Lubricants than all other oils. Swepco has been the behind the scenes "Secret" used by numerous High Performance race teams and marine engine builders and we figured it was time to share that winning secret. If you demand the very maximum from your boats Engine and Outdrive there is no other choice than Swepco.

A superior friction reducing multi-weight engine oil for extended service in performance marine engine applications.


  • Exceeds High Performance engine manufacturers recommendations
  • Rust and corrosion inhibitors
  • Anti-foam & Anti-wear inhibitors


  • Superior friction reduction, cooler operating temperatures, reduced friction and drag, improved fuel economy and lower octane fuel needed equals more power and speed!


  • Blower/Turbo Gas Engines
  • Pleasure Boat Inboard Engines
  • Offshore Racing Engines
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