TrimSync - Dual Outboards

TrimSync - Dual Outboards 

TrimSync - Dual Outboards

The latest generation offshore performance catamarans are attaining speeds that were unimaginable a short time ago.  Operating these boats requires skill and concentration so MDC is working to help reduce the complexity so that the operator can focus on safely driving the boat.

Trim tabs are used on control the boats attitude for varying speeds and water conditions.  Unlike V-bottoms, the trim tabs on a catamaran should be even and are not used to control side-to-side lean.  To that end,  MDC developed TrimSync specifically for performance catamarans.  TrimSync monitors the position of the trim tabs each time they are moved and then corrects them to be even to ensure the safest possible ride.  The entire process is automatic and all the operator needs to do is press the trim button and TrimSync takes care of the rest.   With TrimSync the operator can focus on driving and not have to monitor the tab indicators to make sure they are even.  TrimSync is compatible with all engine/drive combinations and works with both OEM and aftermarket trim senders.

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NMEA 2000 Software Upgrade For TrimSync

NMEA 2000 Software Upgrade For TrimSync

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