Cyclone 525 Bolt Pattern "Shorty Header" 

Cyclone "Shorty Header" with 525 Bolt Pattern
Replacement Header For Mercury 525 Headers
Fully Polished Finish

Do your performance manifolds look like these but your stainless steel tailpipes still look like jewelry?  This is a common problem with a number of aftermarket high performance exhaust manifolds, the solution is to replace them with the Cyclone "Shorty"! An all 316L stainless steel header designed as a direct bolt-on replacement for your cast aluminum manifolds. 

By retaining your existing stainless steel tailpipe or riser, you can remove your existing manifolds and simply slide the new "Shorty Header" into place and connect your existing tailpipes. These units are currently available to replace Mercury Hi-Performance, Gil Marine, and Rex Marine Power Torque manifolds.  Each header is manufactured to the highest quality standard using 100% 316L stainless steel construction, laser machined flanges for a perfect gasket seal, and exhaust tubes that are B.T.B. bent to exact tolerances every time.  A fully welded computer designed water inlet manifold assures equal water flow to each individual exhaust tube.  These headers are completely annealed to maximize durability while preventing corrosion.  CAD-5 technology was used to develop the staggered length exhaust tube runners which provide for broader low and mid range torque, while yielding incredible peak power. This kit comes complete with all necessary bolts and gaskets to attach to your engine. Coolant Tank relocation brackets are included. Riser gaskets are not included, and you may need up to 4 gaskets depending on application. See related parts.

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