About Us:

KE Performance Products is the evolution of a company that was started nearly 40 years ago. The Company was originally founded based on the increasing desires for more power to propel the worlds fastest and most exotic offshore styled power boats. In the earliest of days the available factory power couldn't begin to move the beautiful Cigarette boats coming out or South Florida's Thunder Row. That desire for increased power lead us to now be recognized as one of the worlds leading marine performance products supplier..
That same passion to supply the worlds earliest of power boats has carried forward 40 years until today. Where today we are an integral part of nearly every custom engine in nearly every new true performance power boat being built. Take a trip to any professional offshore racing series today and you will find our continued innovation and designs in the winners circle. Today our interests have broadened from the early years where we built engine's one at a time. Our  focus is on products that let our industry take advantage of our years of experience . Today we support the entire next generation of Professional engine builders. While so much has changed over the 40 years. so very much is the same. Gone are the days where R&D was done via the customers and products were designed out of plywood and the wild idea's of two engines put together end to end. Today our company has invested in state of the art lost wax and permanent mold tooling. Our products are all machined from the latest in American made Hass CNC equipment. Today we evaluate what we sell, we demand stringent quality standards because we know you recognize us for quality. Our products are proven through hundreds sometimes even thousands of hours of testing.
The future has never looked brighter and our exceptional staff continues to grow with the integration of engineers, R&D Technicians, Fab-Workers, as well as EFI  and customer support staff. With over 200 years of combined performance experience amongst our staff we are leading the way in marine accessories of all types. So whether your needs are small or large I hope as you visit our site you see the thousands of hours put into providing the broadest selection at the very best prices anywhere.