Starter - Tiger Shark

PWC Starter Tiger Shark 3008-093
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Normally Ships in 7-10 Days. Rush proccessing is available on Mallory items: See here.

PWC Starter Tiger Shark 3008-093


PWC Starter
Replaces Tiger Shark 3008-093, 3008-327, 3008-463, 3008-536
Fits: 640, 770, 940, 1000, 1100cc Engines.

The Starter is a fairly simple device; it is a small motor that uses torque multiplication to turn over the much stronger main engine. On most watercraft, except the very small bore units, the Starter
driving gear engages with a reduction gear cluster that allows the relatively weak Starter
to turn the engine over fast enough for it to run under its' own power. Sea-Doo uses a direct drive from the Starter
motor to the ring gear on the outside of the flywheel even on their larger cc boats.