Gauges & Accessories

  • Domelux Lens Technology Reduces Glare 70%
  • Vibration Resistant Air Core Movement
  • Available in Three Different Styles
  • Standard White Flood Incandescent Lighting
  • Light Color Change Caps Available
  • Gasket Sealed Rims
  • Scratch-Resistant Glass Lens
  • Superb Value!
  • Made in the USA

Hardin Marine has finally done it! They have revolutionized the marine gauge market and have taken all the great features that were once only available from the high priced gauge manufacturers and brought them down to an incredibly affordable price! Features like their "Domelux Technology" that has taken the marine industry by storm; This feature helps to reduce surface glare by as much as 70% over old flat style lenses, but that's not all: Coupled with flood incandescent lighting, gasket sealed bezels, glass lens, couple that to a vibration resistant air core movement and see why this style gauge has become the standard of most boat builders today! The best part of all, it's at a price almost to good to believe. Shop and compare, we're sure your new gauges will be Hardin Marine.

Hardin Marine Gauges are available in standard sizes, 3-3/8" for the Tach and Speedo, and 2-1/16" for the other gauges. Available in 3 styles: White & Black with SAE style Rims and Stainless Steel with a Flush Rim.